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The Garden Adventure

This blog started as an adventure in the Garden, a cashew farm in South India. Due to Life's circumstances the Garden Adventure has led us to the Netherlands, where the Adventure continues... India, Spirituality, EM, Positivity, Self development and values are the keywords in this Adventure. The peace and silence resort: "Mothers Peace Resort", which initiated the Adventure will still be on our minds. How did this Adventure start? Click here.

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MonkeyOur 15 metres high bamboo fence is a protective house for many animals. At least once a week we walk along this fence as meditation with our two dogs at our sides. We know if we see them run towards something near the fence and a very distinct screaming sound is heard we have run across Garden’s family of “Bonnet Macaques”. The macaques seem to say: "get away you ugly dog....take a bite from your ugly boss." A group of 15 of these primates inhabits the Garden. Lately they are easily spotted at our mango area; trying to taste all the mango they can get their tiny hands upon, leaving a trail of half eaten fruits behind. In our research on them we stumbled upon some interesting facts.
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a peacock near the GardenTo begin our collection of "Garden animals in the picture!" we appropriately start of with the national bird of India, the Indian Peafowl. Taking a stroll through the Garden will give us a high chance to meet up with this native Indian bird, which is well known for the beautifully coloured and impressing “tail” of the peacock (the male peafowl). Even when we are relaxing at our favourite spots in the Garden the peacock will make itself heard with its distinct mating call, which is like a very bad imitation of a cats “meow” sound. In North India it is said that the call is summoning the rain, as "me" comes from Sanskrit "megh" for "rain", and "aao" means "come".
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