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The Garden Adventure

This blog started as an adventure in the Garden, a cashew farm in South India. Due to Life's circumstances the Garden Adventure has led us to the Netherlands, where the Adventure continues... India, Spirituality, EM, Positivity, Self development and values are the keywords in this Adventure. The peace and silence resort: "Mothers Peace Resort", which initiated the Adventure will still be on our minds. How did this Adventure start? Click here.

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The Garden conversion proposal
In the time we have been in the Garden - about 3 months- we have seen a lot of things that can be changed to create a more successful and profitable farm. Besides this aspect, the changes are needed if we want to create a beautiful, harmonious and peaceful environment for "Mothers Peace Resort". To achieve such an ideal we have written a detailed proposal. This proposal covers the entire improvement which the Garden needs: organisation, care for the Garden, better irrigation and better security. To give an example: a part of the care issue is EM-use which will be discussed very deeply. This because of the use of chemicals in the present situation: chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and plant boosters. It is a fact that in the long-term the effects of chemicals are not any good for soil-health -which will automatically effect the plant life in the soil- the environment and even consumers-health. With the help of EM all these problems won't occur. Even better, EM will improve soil-health, the environment and consumers health!
As we can see in the proposal "the Garden adventure" has just started and set its first steps on the path to beauty, harmony and peace.


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