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The Garden Adventure

This blog started as an adventure in the Garden, a cashew farm in South India. Due to Life's circumstances the Garden Adventure has led us to the Netherlands, where the Adventure continues... India, Spirituality, EM, Positivity, Self development and values are the keywords in this Adventure. The peace and silence resort: "Mothers Peace Resort", which initiated the Adventure will still be on our minds. How did this Adventure start? Click here.

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EM - Experiences, Experiments, Extraordinary - part I
It is time to share some of our EM experiences. We are constantly surrounded by EM and apply it everywhere with amazing results. We drink EM-A on a daily basis and we absolutely can  not complain about our health. We are never sick! We  noticed that our skins are not oily anymore. And as I (Dennis) am constantly digging my hands in EM and its secondary products like Bokashi my eczema vanished completely from my hands! Another experience I had was with the consumption of some “bad” chicken. We were served fried chicken drumstick. While I started eating I could feel that the inside was cold and the meat was not tender like it should be. I like chicken very much, especially fried chicken, this and my stubbornness let me eat two whole pieces. After half an hour I started to feel feverish and got warm and cold and sweaty and I started to become a little delirious. When I noticed this I ran to my EM-A bottle and took an “overdose”. Within 15 minutes all the symptoms disappeared
Not acquainted with EM yet? Click here.
In our amazing little house (see photo-album) we have a western toilet, which is connected to a septic tank located 4 metres from our shed. After 4 months of doing our necessities, which are led into the septic tank, there is no sign of bad smells whatsoever! We regularly put EM in the toilet and put so-called Bokashi Balls in the septic tank.
saving the tomatoes from drowning in the monsoon rains
At this moment we are cultivating cherry tomatoes and chillies. With the cherry tomatoes (14 pieces) we have done a little experiment. Bare in mind that the soil where the tomatoes are grown is very poor and contains little to no micro-nutrients. 
We have grown 6 plants with EM from the start (compost which has been composted with the aid of EM-A (EM-compost), Bokashi, EM-A diluted and kitchen-waste fermented with Bokashi (Bokashi kitchen-waste)). The other 8 plants we gave locally aged manure from the start. The funny thing is that we noticed very quickly that the 8 un-EM-ed plants wouldn’t grow. They remained tiny, while the EM-tomatoes where growing wildly. So we decided to stop the experiment, because we already had result, and treated them with EM. At this moment the results from a un-EM-ed youth are still noticeable, because these plants are smaller still and remain vulnerable to diseases. While the others never had any diseases or pests. On the pictures provided you can see the differences. On the right side you can see tomatoes with an un-EM-ed youth. On the left a beautiful jungle of very green and very healthy tomatoes with a life full of EM. Yesterday we had our first taste of a EM cherry tomato and we must say......EM-LICIOUS!
left: full EM - right: un-EM-ed youth
left: full EM - right: un-EM-ed youth
Another experiment, slightly bigger and more professional, is with chillies. We have made two plots of chilli. Each plot contains 40 chilli plants. In one plot we treated each plant with 5 kg EM-compost which has been inoculated with 50 grams Bokashi. Half of this plot we also treated with Bokashi kitchen-waste. On the other plot we did it the conventional way. On this plot we gave 5 kg locally aged manure and 5 gram Urea per plant. We treat the EM plot with 1 part EM-A diluted in 100 parts of water. The other plot gets water without EM. Both plots we gave a layer of coconut-mulch to retain moisture level and suppress weeds. 
 The plants are still small because we only started this experiment two weeks ago, but already some differences are seen. The average height of the EM saplings is 3cm higher then the conventional plants. The EM-plants have more leaves, are more thorough and have a greener colour then the other plot. Both plots have been attacked by small grass-hoppers, but only on the conventional plot aphids are present. 
A funny thing we noticed is that our dogs rather play in the EM-plot, where they leave chillies in the most unfortunate positions. But the plants all survived, is this another miracle caused by EM? It must be. And when we gave the Bokashi kitchen-waste to the plants our dogs dug up the waste to eat it. They just love it. 
 We like to share pictures of the chilli experiment, unfortunately the plants are too small to see a difference on a photograph. But do not despair we will give updates all year round!




op 10-02-2006 09:37
Wonderful story to read! This is hands-on experience. The results are already impressive. Nice that you illustrate the experiments with photos.
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