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The Garden Adventure

This blog started as an adventure in the Garden, a cashew farm in South India. Due to Life's circumstances the Garden Adventure has led us to the Netherlands, where the Adventure continues... India, Spirituality, EM, Positivity, Self development and values are the keywords in this Adventure. The peace and silence resort: "Mothers Peace Resort", which initiated the Adventure will still be on our minds. How did this Adventure start? Click here.

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Flowers and Plants of the Garden - Grace (cotton rose)
morning Grace
This flower seen on the left side is a well-known Garden inhabitant. She symbolises “Divine Grace”, a most fortunate vibration. Here the plant is called “Grace” –due to her inner vibration- , scientifically she is known as Hibiscus mutabilus and commonly known as the confederate rose or cotton rose. This beautiful double hibiscus species has amazing flowers. The size of a full grown flower is 6 inches across. The flower blooms only for one day –in colder climates 2 days- and starts in the morning with a beautiful snow white colour and gradually changes into light-pink in midday and at the end of the day it has a purple pinkish flower (like cotton-candy).
Over 500 of these beautiful plants are already planted in the Garden. In November we started planting one “Grace” daily. We will continue this for one full year. If this project succeeds we hope that Divine Grace will be blooming daily in the Garden.
Grace morning
The picture above is the Grace flower as seen in the morning. A beautiful white colour.
midday Grace
As you see above the Grace has changed to a pink colour on midday.
afternoon Grace
At the end of the day the Grace flower has a deep pinkish cotton-candy colour.


op 26-12-2007 11:21
Hallo Dennis, het is de prachtigste bloem die ik ken, ook al heb ik um niet live gezien! Ik heb weer een deel van de site gelezen en het is zo interessant. Het is ook leuk en luchtig geschreven. Heel prettig en informatief. Ik kom kijken..... dag lieve Dennnis, veel succes en tot schrijfs/meels, je Hyacintha 
Grace Skowron op 29-04-2008 22:25
Hello. Do you sell the seeds, or plant of this Divine Grace hibiscus ?
I live in Winnipeg, Canada. I would like to buy this plant if it is possible.
Dennis op 30-04-2008 10:39
Hi Grace,
Unfortunately we do not sell the seeds of this plant. Maybe they are sold on the internet. If you give me your email adress I can keep you posted if I find some information on this.
Warm regards, Dennis
Dennis op 30-04-2008 10:45
Hi Grace,
I just looked on the net and it is possible to buy seeds and/or cuttings at I hope this wil suffice.
Warm regards, Dennis
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