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The Garden Adventure

This blog started as an adventure in the Garden, a cashew farm in South India. Due to Life's circumstances the Garden Adventure has led us to the Netherlands, where the Adventure continues... India, Spirituality, EM, Positivity, Self development and values are the keywords in this Adventure. The peace and silence resort: "Mothers Peace Resort", which initiated the Adventure will still be on our minds. How did this Adventure start? Click here.

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Thunder, lightning, storm and rain....lots of rain
I found a post which I was planning to post 2 year ago (dated 14/05/07). I loved to read it again so here it is: "Since the entire enviroment and surroundings here are agricultural in one way or another the weather plays a very important role here. Therefore I like to dedicate a small post to the extremes of weather found here in the Garden. Nowadays we are living in the peak summer, which lasts at least for one month. "Agni masam" or the "Month of fire", with temperatures rising up to 38 degrees Celcius it feels like living in a giant oven. The days consist of sweating, drinking lots of water and try to stay in the shade between 10am and 3pm. But we are happy to pronounce that we have had some rains lately. Yesterday for example we got 1 cm of rain, brought by an extreme storm of winds, lightning, thunder and lots of rain. These kind of rains start by showing themselves at the end of the horizon in a group of dark clouds. Slowly floating towards the Garden. Everybody sees the clouds and prays for good rain. The coming of rain is very auspicious, it stands for "Divine Grace". While the clouds enter the Garden you already hear the raindrops falling on the leaves at the other end of the Garden. The sound gradually increases and within seconds you are standing in a rain, which is nothing compared to any rain in the West. Within 3 seconds you are soaked. Nevertheless thes conditions bring everybody into a state of joy. ANd I must say that thunder and lightning in combination with rain and wind in the Garden is one of the most incredible experiences you can have. You are feeling Mother Nature at Her full Glory. It truly is a joyful occasion.  
For people whom were wondering about my choice of picture at the left. Well...I am proud to present my first picture of thunder (actually it is a still form a movie I made of thunder ;) ). It has more of an UFO - War of the Worlds kind of vibe, but I think it's cool anyway :). 


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