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The Garden Adventure

This blog started as an adventure in the Garden, a cashew farm in South India. Due to Life's circumstances the Garden Adventure has led us to the Netherlands, where the Adventure continues... India, Spirituality, EM, Positivity, Self development and values are the keywords in this Adventure. The peace and silence resort: "Mothers Peace Resort", which initiated the Adventure will still be on our minds. How did this Adventure start? Click here.

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An EM-Activated brewing recipe
5 Years ago I started drinking EM brews (EM-Activated brews) to enhance my health. As stated before the EM micro-organisms make anti-oxidants, have regenerative properties and have an absolutely profound effect on their surroundings. These amazing creatures have the ability to built immunity everywhere they live, creating an environment free of diseases, full of health and full of micro-organisms striving for a good cause. They are the way to ideal (micro-) equilibrium. By drinking EM-Activated the micro-organisms will make sure the gut flora will be in perfect balance, just by suppressing harmful microbes and supporting the gut flora. Because of the anti-oxidants, vitamins and trace-elements the immune-system gets major boost. 
In the past 5 years I’ve experimented with various ingredients and brewing lengths. Using the EM-brewing Bible “an advanced brewing guide of brewing EM fermented secondary product”, an e-book by Vinny Pinto. And I’d like to share a delicious recipe I brew frequently. Most of these ingredients are cheap and easy to get, at least here in the Netherlands. Click here to see the recipe.
To start with, I brew my “EM-elixirs” in a 12 liter plastic vessel used for wine brewing. It has a water lock to keep the vessel from exploding. I must give a small warning here; even if you have a water lock, in the first few days of brewing the fermentation process can be very active, which sometimes causes the water lock to be overload, creating a small EM-volcano. So, keep an eye on your water lock. For heating the batch I use an aquarium heater inside to keep the temperature at about 32˚Celcius. A brewing set like this you can easily get at your local home-brewing shop.
The following ingredients I often use for a 12 liter brew:
-EM-1, ½ liter (or Mother culture - the dormant state micro-organisms)
-Blackstrap Molasses, ½ liter
-Water, 9 liters (preferably without chlorine)
-Soy Sauce, a few tbsp. (Chinese store)
-Different kinds of seaweed, a few sheets (you need to crumble the sheets before putting them in the brew. The sushi seaweed is the easiest to crumble) - (Chinese store)
-Spirulina powder, very rich in all kinds of vitamins and trace-elements (gives your brew a quick start – natural health store)
-Cera C powder (EM ceramics powder, incredibly useful and powerful – can be bought at you EM-store)
-Bentonite clay - About 3 tbsp (Any clay used for health purposes I have found useful; Benzonite or Montmorrilonite clay are also fine to use – natural health store)
-Herbs, a few tbsp (For flavor and their enhancing properties. I often use a mix of Indian spices and herbs: turmeric, chilli etc. But you can add and experiment yourself. Chilli and turmeric have anti-oxidative properties)
-Multivitamins – a handful (I just grind the tablets into powder and mix it in)
-Garlic, 3 – 6 toes (Delicious and good properties)
-Ginseng, because this is quite expensive I use it only sometimes – 250 ml, you can use more if you wish
-Shrimp paste and fish paste – a few tbsp. (incredibly rich in nutrients and beneficial wild microbes)
-Wheat bran or some kind of cereal mix (the healthy kind) – a few tbsp. (a nutritious meal for your microbes to feed on)
The following ingredients I just put in because I feel it has value, but seem quit odd. They have never failed me and I believe they do put in some significant value. Besides, it gives me a bit of an alchemists feeling, brewing my own life-elixirs with these weird ingredients.
-Dried mushrooms, a bag (because of the wizardy feeling - Chinese store)
-Lotus buds, a bag (the lotus has a Divine significance - Chinese store)
-Chinese fish soup, with fish guts and pieces of dried fish, one pack (for some extra beneficial microbes and again the alchemist thing again… -Chinese store)
-Herbal teas – just to give the brew some extra taste and properties like: relaxation, sweet dreams or good morning feeling.
-Stardust – a handful of stardust from your local Galaxy (will enhance the sleep and mystical properties of the brew)
-Love – yes, a heartful of Love (will give the micro-organisms the extra boost they need to make a very tasty and powerful Elixer.)
After I’ve collected everything I first start filling half the vessel by mixing hot water and all molasses, until the molasses had been dissolved. Then I put in all the ingredients mentioned above and mix the lot well. I make sure all the ingredients are cut up or shredded. Finally I pour in the EM Mother culture (EM-1) and fill the vessel up to the edge, close the lid, install the water-lock and power on the heater. And it’s ready to become your favorite drink!
I always let it brew at least one month before drinking it. But like a wine, these brews tend to grow better when matured. Brewing them for 6 month or longer is no problem. The quality and taste of the batch will only improve.
If anything is not clear, please let me know. I am happy to give advice or clarity on this subject.


Diana Clarke op 27-01-2012 21:40
Hi, I've just found your blog and have read it with great interest. Can you tell me if you have every tried drinking em-1 activated in dilution for your health - or only the fermented brews? Also, (I'm very new to using microorganisms!) have you ever tried making bokashi for the garden from shredded weed tap roots and rhisomes? I am establishing a vegetable garden where bracken and docks have grown for years and have to dig up all the roots to a considerable depth before we can grow anything else there. It seems a shame to just burn them because I don't dare put them on the compost heap. And they must be full of good minerals and soil microbes. Have you ever tried anything like this or heard of people making bokashi from other such sources? It would be good to hear from you! Best wishes Diana Clarke
Suzanne and Dennis op 29-01-2012 11:12
Dear Diana,
Thanks for your post.
To be honest, I have drank en drink all kinds of EM based fluids : EM-1 Motherculture unactivated/undiluted,  EM-1 Motherculture unactivated/diluted,  EM activated with sugarcane-molasses/undiluted an diluted, EM activated brews diluted/undiluted. Here in the Netherlands (I'm back here now) the EM-supplier even made an EM-based cleaning-goodie called "Wipe & Clean", which is basically EM-1 Motherculture activated with a refined sugar (this creates a more transparant color, excellent for cleaning). For drinking this is a very delicious cleaning goodie, it tastes a bit like cider.
Regarding your question on using weed tap roots en rhizomes to make a Bokashi:  It's a tricky thing because weeds tend to multiply easily and fast, even if there is a tiny root or rhizome with a will to make new generation your garden will be "infested" within no-time. I have used weeds in making Bokashi -Inoculated-Matter, (an anaerobic compostheap inoculated with Bokashi), but only on small scale. The "weeds" we used in the Garden were water hyacinths (which grow wildly in the village ponds in the surrounding villages) and these need a lot of water to multiply. If you want to try using weeds it is important that the roots and rhizomes are totally shredded, and fully inoculated with EM en/or Bokashi. Secondly it's very important that you give it the right amount of time to ferment, depending on the sturdiness of the weeds you use (can go up from 6 to 8 weeks). And just to be sure you have to test the (weed) Bokashi, this you can do by using some of the Bokashi and water it. If it doesn't grow any weeds within two weeks there could be a pretty good chance that you've made a "safe" Bokashi. But still some weeds can be sturdy and "wake up" even after experiencing such a whole process of fermentation.
I hope this infomation will be usefull. If you have any more questions pleae feel free to ask.
Good luck, Dennis 

Lasantha Bandara op 08-02-2012 16:38
Hi, I am from Sri lanka.While I was researching on EM foud to your site.It was really interesting to read about your home brew. I have a EM bottled called EM echo pure ,which was sold to me as a waste management solution.I bought it from a EM official partner ( Will I be able to use this as my EM-1 for brewing? Thanks
Dennis op 11-02-2012 14:37
Hi Lasantha,
Thanks a lot for your interest. I am not familiar with EM "echo pure" and couldn't find the necessary information on the internet. But from my point of view you can use it to make a home brew if you are sure it is a EM-Mother Culture (EM-1), meaning that it is the concentrated/not activated/dormant state form of the Effective Micro-organisms. If it a EM-liquidform that has already been activated with molasses (or any other micro-organism foodbase) it is not advisable to use it to make a home-brew. But you can drink it anyways  .
I hope I have informed you enough.
Best of luck, Dennis 
Lasantha Bandara op 09-03-2014 01:27

Hi Dennis,

Lasantha here,..After some time..So how is your adventure going on?Hope it's going well..

Best of luck


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